Currently seeking

  1. Mechanical Engineer with computational background
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Computer Programmer
  4. Website Developer
  5. Marketing Expert


  1. Willing to work in a startup environment which can be crazy.
  2. Passionate about improving educational tools.
  3. Working knowledge of computer programming.
  4. Our products target the higher education industry, so you must understand the higher education culture and politics
    1. At least a bachelor's degree
    2. Preferred a Masters or Ph.D.
    3. Teaching, grading, being a TA, tutoring experience is preferred.
    4. SOLIDWORKS experience is highly recommended.

Key characteristics at GI LLC

  1. Taking action
  2. Frugality
  3. Making decisions based on data metrics rather than fuzzy feelings.
  4. Working hard
  5. Reimagining the future
  6. Automate Everything (that humans do poorly)

If you are interested, then track us down and sent us your resume and a letter telling why you think we should hire you.